Second City Rhythm

I’m not really a fan of disco. I just don’t usually find it very exciting you know? It’s all a bit ‘samey’. But I’ve recently discovered that people who use the excuse ‘it’s all a bit samey‘ when asked why they don’t like a certain electronic genre, annoy the crap out of me. It’s an excuse that basically means you haven’t given it a chance, let’s be honest.

So I decided to give the ‘electro disco’ genre a chance, not to be a hypocrite n’ all. I’ve been digging this song recently, by Second City Rhythm aka Ghosts of Venice & Adulture aka Lee Dunn & Garett Shrigley. Both are reasonably successful in their own right but when they met during an American tour (where Garett resides in Chicago, while Lee is from Harrogate in England), they decided to make music together. It would never work right?

It does. As a complete beginner to the scene,  I like that it has a lot to it. Many layers, like a disco onion. The genre has the ability to have such powerful grooves, more than any other. This song I’m about to share is utilising that to the max, try not to move your feet.

You Got Me by Second City Rhythm

The debut EP from the lads will be out in the spring on a sister label to the legendary Chicago imprint- Dust Traxx, called Second City Records. Become a fan on Facebook, here’s to an exciting 2011 for the boys.

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