DOWNLOAD: BAD AUTOPSY – Rut (Nice ‘n’ Slow)

Good evening guys, I come forth like Santa Claus. Even though I’m much skinnier and have brown hair, I offer gifts in the form of MP3s!

Well Rounded Records are offering this brilliant tune by the elusive BAD AUTOPSY as a taster for the renowned ‘Cash Antics’ volume 3 which is forthcoming in 2012.

Volume 1 was Deadboy’s remixes of Cassie tunes such as ‘Way That I Luv U’ and ‘Unofficial Girl’, whereas Volume 2 had tunes from Skinnz, a collaboration between Dox Daneeka and Gatto Viola, Deadboy and another┬ácollaboration between BAD AUTOPSY and Gongon.

Rut (Nice ‘n’ Slow) has been on my wishlist for about a year now, after hearing Deadboy’s Boiler Room set and finally it has came to surface. This tune has pitched up vocals from Usher’s Nice and Slow which goes together with the percussion seamlessly. You lot definitely should have this.

BAD AUTOPSY – Rut (Nice ‘n’ Slow) FREE Xmas DL! **Link in description** by Well Rounded Records

?DOWNLOAD:┬áBAD AUTOPSY: Rut (Nice ‘n’ Slow)

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